14 qiu dong beautiful shoes, Christian Louboutin heels record again

Christian Louboutin Outlet    --  No one can resist the charm of the red shoes, for girls, the shoe ark of red bottom high heels is serious business! For Christian Louboutin series of 2014 autumn winters just released, he again to refresh the brand, the highest single shoe heel - after the spring and summer 12 of 14 cm high So Kate, 14 new models of qiu dong Allenissima have 13 cm high heels! Don't look at only the small one centimeter gap for a pair of high heels without waterproof table, that's it! Is the rhythm of walking on stilts ah ~ ~ if you have "skill" enough confidence in myself, does not fear the feet are worn, so this pair of shoes is absolutely your new boots http://www.nymetroapa.org !

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The classic of classics, Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 high heels

Christian Louboutin Outlet  -- Christian Louboutin is a classic, but each style "red shoes" vary, which kind of the most classical? The opinions of the VOGUE is Pigalle 120 high heels
Christian Louboutin Outlet Online Store   -- Shoe name Pigalle from an alley, near Paris moulin rouge is famous for having a large number of night "prostitutes", of course is a metaphor that shoes sexy and dangerous. 120 refers to the heel height is 120 mm, about 5 inches. Shoes design is constant: pointed, fine, upper side open is very low, the heel Angle with the ground close to but slightly greater than 90 degrees, of course, "red bottom". Modelling is actually pretty classic no pornography ingredients, fashionable all over the world the first lady wore Pigalle 120 to participate in important activities. The change is the material of each season, the black patent leather or inferior smooth skin is the most common, in recent years also especially eye-catching style, full of rivet and nude is also hot http://www.sqzn.net .

Christian Louboutin Outlet Online     --  Sounds the same style of shoes, but why Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 more sexy? Mainly depends on the upper side is very low, peep out most of the feet, appear instep is higher. Such a design can guarantee for everyone, of course, if a lot of meat on his foot, so wear is very funny.


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Founder of the red shoes Christian louboutin nail series for the first time